From the Archives: I Can Be Me by Jennifer Armstrong

From the Archives is a series created in tandem with new PIO! Editor Brigid Finucane. We share songs from the extensive archives here at CMN by our own, wonderful members. This song, a lovely reminder of our each, special contribution, is by member Jennifer Armstrong.

Jennifer Armstrong

“I Can Be Me” was written after a time of reflection on being a little sister always trying to keep up with a talented big sister.  My mother use to look at our creative projects and say to my sister “That’s wonderful!”  then she would like at my offering and say, “That’s pretty good for a little girl your age.”  When I realized  that only I could be myself and I had unique gifts to bring the world I sat down and wrote “I Can Be Me”.  I’ve sung it with children and adults with great gusto and we have made up an incredible variety of verses from “I talk to animals cause that’s my way”  to “I watch sunsets…” 

For sheet music, click here: I Can Be Me



  1. Wonderful song!! So in the words of your mother, “THAT’S WONDERFUL!!!”

    From another little sister who could never keep up with Big Sis,


  2. Wonderful song and wonderful backstory, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing!
    Your fan, Brigid

  3. Fantastic, Jennifer! May I use it on my local community children’s show, “The Curious Giraffe?” I am only allowed to use songs that I specific permission from the songwriter.

  4. Absolutely Dorothy! I’m very happy for you to sing I Can Be Me on “The Curious Giraffe”. Have fun.

  5. Jennifer—- I have been using I Can Be Me for a couple of years with young elementary schoolchildren in an after school program created to help support friendship and communication skills. It’s a wonderful song, perfect for supporting children’s self confidence and building community. Thanks for writing such a great song! And PS, I also had a super-achieving older sister. Somewhere in my 30’s I came across the expression “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

  6. Wonderful song!

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