If I Were a Little Bird by Alina Celeste on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s edition comes from Blog Editor and YouTuber Alina Celeste.

Alina Celeste
Alina Celeste

Years ago, in a nearly empty apartment in Studio City, California, I sat on my floor (there were no chairs) and stared out my window. I had an unblemished view of the 101 highway. Not much to look at, but if you closed your eyes you could pretend the sound was of a rushing river….that occasionally honked.

I had recently moved in and was thinking of all the decisions that had led me to that moment in an apartment with no chairs or couches and a view of the highway. A lightly taunting chorus started playing in my mind: “Hey, hey, hey I run away!” I tried to write it into a song for my band, The Luvnauts. To my dismay, the chorus refused to cooperate; it kept wiggling around like an unruly puppy. It reminded me of the kindergartners I’d recently begun teaching at Hancock Park Elementary School in Los Angeles. I eventually gave up and did something less frustrating with my time, like look for furniture on Craigslist.

A few days later, the chorus hadn’t left me and still refused to be applied to anything appropriate for The Luvnauts.  I decided to try it as a song I might sing with my kindergartners. If I Were a Puppy Dog was finished about twenty minutes later. It was the first song I’d ever written with children as the intended audience. My students loved it, and a few years later it became the title track on my first album for kids.

This past summer, on tour in Chicago, I was delighted to get it on video. My brother, Andrew Hevia, was the cinematographer and editor and Adventure Sandwich, Neeleo and their friends for made up the best back-up band a girl could ask for.

If I Were a Little Bird

If I was a puppy dog, a yappy, slappy puppy dog

I’d run around and round and round

I’d rough and tumble up and down

If I was a yappy, slappy, happy, snappy puppy dog

And I’d say, Hey

Oh I’d Say Hey

And run away

If I was a shiny fish, A swimmy, shimmy slimy fish

I’d swim around and round and round the sea

I’d swim so fast no one could catch me

If I was a swimmy, shimmy, slimy, shiny little fish

And I’d say, Hey

Yeah I’d Say Hey

And swim away

If I was a little bird, a squeaky, cheeky little bird

I’d fly away above the trees,

I’d fly so high no one could see me

If I was a squeaky, cheeky, leaky, beaky little bird.

And I’d say, Hey

Yeah I’d say Hey

Oh I’d say Hey

And fly away

© Alina Celeste Hevia


  1. Love this song and reading about its creation. Xo

  2. Love your newest song, Alina! Such fun with words, and so singable:-)Your joy is contagious. Thanks for sharing. xox

    1. You’re the one with contagious joy! The Round Robin is one of my favorite events and that largely because you make it so fun.

  3. Wonderful, as always!!

  4. Such a fun song! And if you’ve ever found yourself under a bird at just the “right” moment, you KNOW they can be leaky!

  5. Catchy. Easy going. Imaginative & Fun.
    Uniquely YOU Alina!

  6. Love the song and love YOU!!!!!!!!

    1. Yay! Thank you Patricia 🙂

  7. It was great meeting you at the conference! I am enjoying your on line videos and songs. This is just adorable, love the story!

    1. Thank you! It was lovely meeting you as well 🙂

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