¡Salta, Salta! by 1,2,3 con Andres on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s joyful edition is from member 1,2,3 con Andres. Let’s  jump!

Andres photo by  Keyla Sanders
Andres photo by Keyla Sanders

I wanted to create a fun, active song to get the kids and the families moving. I realized jumping was so much fun for the kiddos that I wanted to write a song about it. It is the most popular song at our live shows and our fans love to jump with it at home. Already two mothers shared with me that some of the first words that their babies said were “Salta, Salta” 🙂


(Letra y música: Andrés Salguero)

Salta, salta, un dos tres

Salta, salta, con Andrés

Sube los pies, cuenta un dos tres

Brinca, brinca, que eso no duele

Vámos afuera, ¡Apága la tele!

Salta, salta, otra vez

Cuenta conmigo, saltamos después

Mueve los pies, mueve los pies, ¡un, dos, tres!
Salta, salta, un dos tres


  1. Infection and fun!

  2. fun song! Yes, kids love to jump more than anything, so we named our dance series Dance, Sing and Jump Around!

  3. Excellent tune, I’m going to share via social now. Thanks Alina!

  4. Super! And Andres, you are darling!

  5. too much fun!!!

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