So What’s a Conference Like? with David Heitler-Klevans

As our annual conference fast approaches, we are launching a new series here on the blog.” So, what’s a conference like?” Is a common question from new members and future-members. With such a robust roster of veterans, we decided to send out a few questions to our more seasoned-members and get their take. Today we have David Heitler-Klevans.


How did you come to join CMN? 

I first came to CMN when there just a partial day of music for children piggy-backed on the People’s Music Network Winter Gathering.
How have the conferences changed over the years? 

They have grown, and have come to include more tracks related to business, performing and songwriting (along with education, early education and thematic songswaps).
What has been dropped that you miss about them and want back? 

I miss the significant presence of children at the conferences.

What has been added that you really love? 

Songwriting-related workshops, newcomer’s circle, and more eclectic evening jam sessions.
What leadership roles have you played, or workshops have you lead? 

I have been on the CMN Board for 6 years, and I have lead various workshops and song swaps over the years.  At the conferences, I have often helped to plan the Magic Penny and the Closing ceremony.

What were the fundraisers you felt have really worked well? 

I love the silent auction!

What was your favorite location and why? 

Hmm…many places had their plusses and minuses.  I like(d) Zion (IL), Presentation (Los Gatos, CA), Appel Farm (Elmer, NJ) and Walker Creek (Petaluma, CA) for their ambience and location.