If You Need a Chair by Joyce Rouse on Tuneful Tuesday

Member Joyce “Earth Mama” Rouse reminds us all to think locally and act globally with this light, happy song.

Earth Mama Joyce Rouse
Earth Mama Joyce Rouse

From Joyce:

This song is on my CD  “A Sense of Place” by Earth Mama. One of the main themes of the album is to honor whatever place you chose to live in. I love my farmers market and seeing the people who grow our food.  A recent initiative about buying things made locally made me think about how many great artisans, growers, crafters, and creators of useful items we have right here in my community. And probably in yours! I wanted it to have a global musical feel and honor many cultures, and to have some humor, fun rhymes and places to sing along with “la la la” syllables.  I hope people will get up and dance around and sing harmony when they hear this song, and that it might inspire them to make stronger communities by shopping for locally made goods.


For music and lyrics click here: If You Need a Chair


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! Hey, and the message is pretty good too! Thank you Joyce for writing this.

  2. love the song, its message, and YES, I was dancing!

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