From the Archives: So Many Ways to Be Smart by Stuart Stotts

From the Archives is a series created in tandem with new PIO! Editor Brigid Finucane. We share songs from the extensive archives here at CMN by our own, wonderful members. Today’s song comes from member Stuart Stotts.

Stuart Stotts
Stuart Stotts

From Stuart:

I wrote this song after learning about Howard Gardner’s work. Although the theory itself is under discussion and revision these days, the idea of people learning in different ways and integrating that understanding into instruction seemed so intuitive and true that I felt it deserved a song. I worked hard on the song, trying to keep the subject light and singable while still getting across this hopeful message for anybody who never quite fit into traditional learning. I love the way many teachers light up when they first get what the song is. Teachers need all the reinforcement they can get these days, and that’s one more way to be smart.

For lyrics and chords, click here: So Many Ways To Be Smart



  1. I love this song and the message it conveys. I want to add it to my repertoire soon. A companion song might be my own “Don’t Dumb Down” which is also about all the different “intelligences”. Thanks for writing a super song, Stuart!

  2. I have used this song in my children’s chorus. Kids just love it. Makes them feel validated.

  3. This is one of my favorite songs – cheery, validating and true! Thank you, Stuart!

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