Who Are You? by Silly Goose and Val on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s song comes from member Val Smalkin of Silly Goose and Val. It is a track from her upcoming album,”Sing! Sing! Sing! (and dance…)”

SG & Val
Silly Goose and Val

From Val:

The songs that we hum can become the mantras of our life, so this one is meant to give children the knowledge and feeling that they can decide what kind of person they want to be. I love to perform it and the audiences seem to love it. I always get chills when I sing the last verse about “You can do it if you say you can.” Silly, but fitting for Silly Goose and Val (or as I often refer to myself, MomGoose).

Also the Whooo Whooo Who are you, plays off the wise owl and the homonym!


For sheet music and lyrics click here: Who Are You


  1. What a COOOOOLLLLL song! I can see this being performed with an owl puppet. Great song Val!

  2. Fun to listen to Val…

  3. I’ll get this done in the studio without those fx!

  4. Also…substitute woman for “Man” in the last verse when it’s repeated…I do that now.

  5. Very catchy! Love it.

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