Frogs in the Meadow by Brigid Finucane

Member Brigid Finucane is a regular contributor to the wonderful Pre-K and Sharing Blog. This song is an excerpt from her post, Summer Songs.

c.2015 Elsa Sreenivasam.

Before singing the song, introduce your kiddos to the wonder and variety of frogs – and the sounds they make – through these two marvelous iPad apps: Sound Touch and Video Touch Animals – made by the same developer. Frogs do not say “ribbit”!

Sound Touch Lite (FREE). 180 sounds and images great for auditory discrimination.
SoundTouch ($4.99) offers 360 sounds and images. There are 6 high quality photos of different frog species in Sound Touch. Each is accompanied by the sound the frog makes.
Video Touch – Animals (1.99 – prices fluctuate) has 48 fascinating video clips of animals, including four of different frog species My kiddos are mesmerized!

Frogs in the meadow.
Can’t get them out. (Shake finger on beat)
Take a little stick (Mime holding stick.
And stir them about. Stir in wide circle with full body.)
Leap! Leap! Leap! (Leap three times)



For  classroom activities:

· Sing the song while class listens. Pat the beat on knees while singing (I like to hold a beanie frog in my hand and bounce it on my knee). Jump your frog forward (on floor) while chanting “Leap! Leap! Leap!” Ask – “How many ‘leaps” did my frog take?” (three) Invite kiddos to sing, using their fists for frogs.

· Stand up. Sing the song with suggested motions, or what you determine is best. Jump in place the first time, then model leaping into the circle the second time.
· Line up kiddos, 4 at a time (mas o menos) and have a leaping contest.
o Speed version: Stand on the perimeter of your classroom rug. Designate 4 sides of square and choose which side will leap first (one side at a time). Proceed to next side, until everyone has a turn.

· With parachute. Place beanie frogs on parachute. Ask participants to sway side to side while singing song (move parachute side to side. On each “Leap” – bounce parachute so the frogs go flying up into the air. Retrieve frogs from the floor, and do again. Many options: Sitting, standing, children under parachute or not, etc. Using comparative voices and movements is also fun.

NOTE: There are many versions of this song, and many melodies. I even found a chase game – for lack of a better word – that I’ll try next year with older kiddos. For now, I’ll use this version that has been a sure-fire hit ever since I learned it from Ms. Stephanie at Ronald Knox Montessori School twenty years ago!




  1. Thanks for the repost! This is such a fun song – with so many ways to do it. I partner it with the books, “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” or “Little White Duck.”

    1. Thank you for the lovely song!

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