Gotta Get Cool by Joanie Calem on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s song is perfect for hot, summer weather! It’s from member Joanie Calem.

Cesarea 2012

It was a hot day in the summer with no breeze and no clouds. The recognition that we no longer lived a 15 minute drive from the Mediterranean had finally hit home to my 9 and 7 year old kids. Though they were dreaming of their favorite beach (shown in the photograph), we had to make do with whatever water source we could find.  They were not happy campers!  Columbus, Ohio is land-locked big-time, and there are only a few public swimming pools. We made our way over to one of them, singing as we drove, and out came these words. Ocean wasn’t an option, beach wasn’t on our list of places to go to, but such is life!  I debuted the song publicly with the Parent/Child class that I was teaching the next day.  That class was held in an air-conditioned room, and everyone was dancing away, stopping promptly when the music stopped, kicking up a storm when the music restarted, shaking their shakers happily.



Gotta get cool, cool, cool

‘cause these days are hot

gotta get wet, wet, wet

at some swimming spot

I love to swim, throw my body in,

I splash, I run, summer water fun…..


A pool, would be great, a river or lake,

A stream, a hose, even raindrops on my nose…..


I want to find some water that’s clear,

A sprinkler, a bucket, a puddle if it’s near……


By Joanie Calem © 2002



  1. Joanie!! This song is perfect!! I’m going to use it all summer long!! Can’t wait to pass out my brand new shakers and get everybody jumping, and pausing, and singing their sweaty little hearts out.
    Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Fun, fun, fun Joanie…..

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