The 2015 International Conference is fast approaching!

Our annual conference is taking place in Illinois this coming October. 

The 2014 Conference
The 2014 Conference

The yearly conference is a wonderful event for us here at CMN. It is a time when all our members can come together and learn from each other. Workshops on music business, education and songwriting mix easily with song swaps and group sings. Member Anna Stange wrote this little ditty in anticipation of the fun and learning to be had:

Tune: The Embarass

The conference moves westward to Zion next year

The Midwest it offers all love and good cheer

Illinois beaches are sandy and near

And Lake Michigan steams with waters so clear

Li da li lee da lee give me your hand (3x)

Come to Chicago and join us again

Oklahoma has oil by the yard

Minnesota Is muse to many a bard

Michigan and Iowa’s skies they are starred

Lake Superior’s waters are mightily sparred

Wisconsin is known for the bratwurst and beer

But her troubadours they can sing it by ear

Tall prairies abound with rabbits and deer

And wild geese will return each year after year

To the Mississippi all waters do leach

And give life to all at Illinois Beach

To your potential, we’ll help you to reach

But now is the end for this little speech