From the Archives: Love Makes a Family by Two of a Kind

We here at the blog are excited to announce a new series! In tandem with new PIO! Editor Brigid Finucane, we will begin sharing songs from the extensive archives once or twice a month. This song and article excerpt is from David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans, also known as Two of a Kind.

Two of a Kind in concert.
Two of a Kind in concert.

From David: “This song was originally inspired by a bumper sticker, and by the diversity of families in our neighborhood. Love Makes a FamilyOver the years, we have changed and added verses, and we have received verses added by other musicians – including the one by Freesia Raine which we included when we re-recorded the song for our “Family Album” CD.

Family Album

The Chorus section of the song features an ostinato on the title, and the melody can be sung as a round in 2 or 4 parts.  This song has been recorded by other musicians, including Mike Stern and Betsy Rose, and has been performed by some choirs as well.”

Love Makes a Family (Words and Music)

A video with Jenny and David and their friend and fellow member David C. Perry:


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  1. This is a wonderful song, especially when one adds the signs. Thank you for writing this gem!

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