Every Day is Earth Day by Earth Mama on Tuneful Tuesday

April 22nd is Earth Day. Since 1970 Earth Day has been a day here in the U.S. used to celebrate and bring awareness to the need for preserving and protecting our wonderful planet. Our member Joyce Rouse, aka Earth Mama, has devoted herself to teaching and advocating for action against climate change and making our world a greener place. We’ll be doing two Tuneful Tuesdays this month, courtesy of Joyce, highlight two of her many songs meant to educate children about the need for sustainable practices.

Earth Mama Joyce Rouse
Earth Mama Joyce Rouse












We live on the Amazing earth 24-7-365. 

Each day we breath her air, drink her water and enjoy her beauty. I wrote this song in a spunky style to encourage a daily mindfulness of gratitude and wonder.  My hope is that listeners will adopt some new action each day to support healthy living on our One Home, Planet Earth.   Let’s make Every Day another Earth Day!



EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY by Joyce Johnson Rouse

Every day is Earth Day for everyone who cares

For eagles and aardvarks, for people and bears

Everyone’s a winner when we begin to know

That every day is Earth Day everywhere we go

Every day is Earth Day, an opportunity

To make a healthy planet for you and you and me

We can shape tomorrow by what we do today

We can build the future a cleaner wiser way

So let’s hear a cheer for the ozone layer

And one for biodiversity

Let’s say a word for the forests and rain forests

And promise to do everything we need

Every day is Earth Day, a chance to celebrate

Dancin’ on the planet, you know it’s not too late

Never stop believing it matters what you do

Every day is Earth Day, Happy Earth Day to you!

©1994 Rouse House Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.


  1. Wonderful song, Joyce!!! Singable and educational!!

  2. What a passionate upbeat hopeful song, Joyce! Love it! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Thank you for your music and awareness building. Celebrating and singing with you Earth Mama Joyce! Here’s my Earth Mama Song on YouTube!

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