March of the Leprechauns!

Member Wayne Potash recently shared this song on the list-serv, and had a fun little story to share.

"Leprechaun ill artlibre jnl". Licensed under FAL via Wikimedia Commons -
“Leprechaun ill artlibre jnl”. Licensed under FAL via Wikimedia Commons –  Jean-noël Lafargue


I got this song from an old Xeroxed loose-leaf songbook that was collected by a group of music teachers entitled “Songs We Share.” It was never officially published and the songs were all written out by hand. Most of the songs I had never heard before, but were all excellent, and some included activities too. This book was in The Community Music Center of Boston’s archives and must have been collected and printed in the late 1980s. No names or credits were listed anywhere, but the songbook is a treasure.

The March of the Leprechauns is easy to learn and sing (it shares a few notes with the Dreidle Song). I have the kids learn it word for word then the fun begins! Have the children march to the song at different tempos, then try some “freeze” marching. Just for fun try to “trick” the children during the freeze part. They love showing me that I can’t fool them!

The March of the Leprechauns by Wayne Potash.