An interview with Youtube Star Patty Shukla Part Two

In part two of my interview with Patty Shukla, we get down to the business of growing subscribers and making videos yourself. 


How long did it take you to get to 100K, and what did you do to spurn growth?

We went to Playlist Live, the YouTube conference, and while there they told us all the tricks. It’s really about asking people to subscribe and so once we did that it was a dramatic increase in the last two years. So it was really slow going the first three years, steady and slow and then the last two years it’s just spiked up.

So for you the main difference was just asking people to subscribe?

Yes, it sounds so simple but if you look at all the people out there that do have subscribers, that’s what it is.

Speaking of, your video Little Red has over 30 mil views. Tell me how that video came about. 

 When we were little kids, my mom would sing this Spanish song about a galloping horse. And I thought, this is so fun, I want to do it with the kids. I did it like my mom did with motions and it was fun. Half of our viewers are from Spanish speaking countries, so I have an album in Spanish and songs in Spanish. That video is also in Spanish it’s called Rojito and it has almost as many views in Spanish. I think that it is really a kind of a cross over song, popular in both languages. 

So you’re a typical South Floridian in that you have some Hispanic Heritage!

Yes, both my mom and my dad are from Latin America, from Uruguay. I really like the cross culture [in South Florida]. Everybody is still back home in South America. I really wanted to make a lot for them, we’re going to do another song soon in Spanish.

So, you have lots of popular videos, but Rojito and Little Red both have the kind of numbers that you normally see on big, corporate funded Youtube channels like Mother Goose Club. How did that happen?

I know! Honestly I wish we knew…. we just recently did a trick or treat song, we’d never done a trick or treat song before, it just came into my head. It was four weeks before halloween and my husband said “we can’t do that it’s too soon let’s do it next year,” and I said “no I’m really feeling it,” so we whipped it out in four days and we put it up and it blew past a lot of our other songs and we have no idea, maybe all the kids love trick or treat, or something! So like with little red it really is just the luck of the draw, perfect timing.

All of them are educational, even the trick or treat one explains how to be safe at night and to go with an adult and I think that parents recognize that, I think that they know that the kids can dance around, they’re not sleepy songs they’re dancing kinds of songs, I think that helps.

What about using other social media? How much time do you spend on that?

I do believe that all social marketing is relevant today. So I am trying to be on everything everyday, I’ll do a couple on Twitter, I’ll do Facebook, I’m trying out Vine. I’ll post periodically to Linkedin and Pinterest. There are different people on all those sites. Anybody that wants to do marketing in today’s world has to do that. Even teachers are all using YouTube now. So I feel it’s really important.

Last, question: what sort of equipment do you use?

Well, we do everything in house. We have a green screen in our patio room with really wonderful lighting. The camera is a cannon dslr and flip screen viewfinder. I edit on final cut and we use pro-tools for the audio. My husband is the engineer and arranger on all of that. He’s our whole band and everything. I do the editing of the video.

To learn more about Patty Shukla, check out her website.