Canción de Amor by 1,2,3 Con Andres on Tuneful Tuesday

This Tuneful Tuesday comes from member Andres Salguero of 1,2,3 con Andres.

cancion de amor

This song goes out to all of the silly animals we love just how they are. I actually wrote it and recorded it with my wife Christina. It’s in a Latin style called bolero. Boleros are often romantic, and I grew up listening to many boleros my parents and grandparents love. This song is a tribute to that genre and is also about love, too, but in a silly way that kids can laugh at. 

For the video, we created it in collaboration with Kevin Kammeraad and the Cooperfly Puppet Troupe, who are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I met them and loved what they do with puppets, and I knew this would be a great song for us to collaborate on. EdGar Sinclaire and Breeko, who are two of the Cooperfly puppets, play the musicians in the video, and we decided to make all the characters puppets – even Christina and me!

When we perform the song live, we use it to teach the audience different ways to express love in Spanish, like saying “Te quiero,” “Te adoro” and “Mi amor.”

Love Song

(words and music by Andrés Salguero)

You are such a beautiful monkey,

such a remarkable ape.

Your smell is so sweet and so funky,

and I love your funny shape.

You are such a lovable hippo.

You are such a wonderful beast.

And when you open your lip-os,

you show me your delicate teeth.

Te quiero, I love you.

My darling, mi amor.

Te quiero, I love you.

Sweetheart, mi corazón.

I love your gentle aroma.

You are the most elegant pig.

I almost fell in a coma

the first time your body I sniffed.

You are the cutest brachylophosaurus.

I admire your flaring duck-like beak, which contained hundreds of teeth.

Of all the creatures who lived during the Late Cretaceous Period (about 65 to 99 million years ago),

You are the most magnificent to me… measuring nine feet tall, up to thirty feet long, and weighing about a ton and a half!

Te quiero, I love you.

My darling, mi amor.

Te quiero, I love you.

Sweetheart, mi corazón.

Just the way you are, you are perfect for me.

Just the way you are, eres perfecto, eres perfecta para mí.

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