Make Stories Come Alive With Music

This is a crosspost from member Liz Buchanan’s wonderful blog. “When children dramatize, move to, or create music to represent a story, they become actively involved in working with the ideas in the story … As they translate the words to art forms, each story comes to life.  Indeed, the act of transforming or translating […]

March of the Leprechauns!

Member Wayne Potash recently shared this song on the list-serv, and had a fun little story to share.   I got this song from an old Xeroxed loose-leaf songbook that was collected by a group of music teachers entitled “Songs We Share.” It was never officially published and the songs were all written out by […]

An interview with Youtube Star Patty Shukla Part Two

In part two of my interview with Patty Shukla, we get down to the business of growing subscribers and making videos yourself.  How long did it take you to get to 100K, and what did you do to spurn growth? We went to Playlist Live, the YouTube conference, and while there they told us all […]