Tom Smith’s Junk Band

This is a cross-post from Member Tom Smith’s blog. Read on and watch the video for a little fun with “junk” instruments.

photo by Gail Finnie at

I love working in a school. I spend every day with enthusiastic young learners and talented colleagues who delight in the pleasures and challenges of teaching. After decades of working at a school, I think my mind and body are synchronized with the natural rhythm of the academic year. February always seems to bring with it an emotional lull, as if I am half way through a tunnel – unable to see the light at either end. The short days and long nights, cold weather, flu and other winter bugs all conspire to nibble away the usual lift I get from everyday work. Last week I decided to do something about it.

At my school we often start our day with Morning Meeting – a time when students and teachers make announcements, celebrate successes, share passions, comment on current events and make music. I asked several teachers and administrators to join me as members of a Junk Band to do an impromptu performance. With little to no additional information, everyone said “yes!” Click on the video above to view the fun. In the first half, you will see bandmates introduced to instruments they have never played before. If you want to skip to the actual performance, jump to the 5 minute 30 second mark of this 13 minute video:


  1. Love “junk” band music.

  2. That was so much fun to see! You’ve inspired a new activity for me! Thx Tom

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