Darlin’ Valentine by Laurie Story on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s Valentine’s Edition comes to us from member Story Laurie.







I wrote the lyrics for Darlin’ Valentine when implementing ChildSing Song Circles for young ones 0-5 and their caregivers. I changed lyrics for a lot of traditional songs to make them more young child friendly while using the great old tunes that were familiar to the adults and accessible for singing by all. I believe the Valentine rhyme was an unbidden thought that was fun to apply to the original song. Clementine was written as a parody of a sad love ballad; hence, you can find it in the Funny Songs section of Rise Up Singing.The catchy tune and outlandish lyrics are still sung by Boy & Girl Scouts and others. Though older children and adults may enjoy the humor, young children more often take words and songs literally and would find Clementine more disturbing then funny.

Darlin’ Valentine is an expression of love that young children can feel immediately. It is not a ballad/story but rather written more in the present tense for young children who so masterfully live in the moment. In ChildSing Song Circles, we end with the children singing to colorful teddy bears. These are usually softer songs as a time for winding down and the children are singing with or to their bears. With Darlin’ Valentine, they are invited to sing to their bear as Valentine, and give them chocolates & posies, etc. Some choose to have the bear bring them the chocolates & posies. Hugs, of course go both ways!

Darlin’ Valentine
(Tune: Clementine, Words: Laurie Story)

Oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’ Valentine.

You have my loving heart forever,

You’re my treasure, Valentine

Here’s some candies and some chocolates

in a box of 8 or 9.

They are yummy for your tummy,

Sweet like you, my Valentine.


Here’s some flowers, oh so pretty,

They smell sweet and fresh and fine.

They are rosies and lots of posies.

I picked them for you, Valentine.


Here’s a hug, love, a really big hug.

Yes, let’s make our arms entwine.

Here’s a big hug with lots of good love

All for you my darlin’ Valentine.

You’re my treasure, Valentine

Laurie Story Vela, M.A. is an artist educator with hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks and songs found in the Leaping Literacy Online Library. She is also the creator & facilitator of Creative Spirit Families, a 501C3 supporting families in traditional, creative & spiritual literacy.


  1. Nice Laurie!

    1. Thanks Judy! Happy (singing!) Valentine’s Day!

  2. Way COOL, Laurie … Thank You! I feel like singing this song up the hill tom. at open mic at the Paradise Grange … !!! You’re AWESOME!!! Valentine Love & Hugs, YogiKeith ~:>)

    1. Teddy bear hugs to you too Keith! Why not sing this at Open Mic?! Share the Valentine voices of song & Love!

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