Cause I love It by Demi Mays on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s song comes from member Demi Mays who works closely with our business partner, Growing Sound.


My inspiration for the song ‘Cause I Love It from the DANDELION CD came to me after a short walk in the woods. I was hiking on a trail nearby and just couldn’t get the phrase “cause I love it” out of my head. I get so much happiness and good energy from being outside and breathing fresh air, that it leaves me feeling like a new person! After walking and feeling refreshed, I got back home and played around with a few chords on guitar and started singing catchy “cause I love its” to my dog and it just grew from there. With words and notes on the paper, I took the song to David Kisor; my mentor and producer. David and I collaborated together and turned it into a song that parents and young children can sing together. It’s so important for parents to actually DO things with their kids instead of putting them in front of a TV, or handing them a computer. Giving children the opportunity to play outdoors and encouraging them to use their creativity in a positive way, while actually joining themwill leave them feeling grounded and loved, along  with a good foundation to help them grow in developing relationships. It’s all about feeling connected and doing things with we love…with those we love!

I’m lucky the song has been getting a lot of radio play. It has inspired people in all types of relationships…not just parent-child relationships. When I meet parents at concerts they tell me they follow the lyrics like a checklist of sorts doing each activity with their child. One concert attendee told me it’s her favorite song for her and her boyfriend. Another told me she sings it to her dog…who is like her child. And yet another told me she is a grandmother and sings it with her grandkids. I love how the song reaches so many people! Who da thunk it all just started with a walk in the woods?


‘Cause I Love It

Take me on a walk in the woods, ‘cause I love it

Sing along to my favorite song, ‘cause I love it

Help me paint a pretty picture, ‘cause I love it

Hold my hand whenever you can, ‘cause I love it

I love everything that we do

But most of all, I love you

Let’s talk when we are in the car, ‘cause I love it

Let me explore some more, ‘cause I love it

Wipe away the sorrow when I’m sad, ‘cause I love it

Make the face that makes me laugh out loud, ‘cause I love it

I love everything that we do

But most of all, I love you

Give me a snug bug hug, ‘cause I love it

Show me a mile wide smile, ‘cause I love it

Read the book again and again, ‘cause I love it

Kiss me when you tuck me in, ‘cause I love it

I love everything that we do

But most of all, I love you

I love everything that we do

But most of all, I love you

Copyright 2014 Growing Sound.

Words and music by David Kisor and Demi Mays

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  1. love this song! And you’re so right, about grown-ups DOING things with children. I worry about children today, with many of their parents so distracted by the grown-up toys.

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