An interview with Andrea Green

Member Andrea Green is a Music Teacher, Music Therapist, Composer, Playwright and Emmy winner of the 2015 documentary On the Other Side of the Fence. She took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Editor Alina Celeste about her work, the power of music and her upcoming plans.  Photo: Producer Andrea Green and Film Maker […]

Pirate Santa by the Salamanders

This fun, holiday song was provided by members The Salamanders. Pirate Santa, by The Salamanders, is a non-traditional holiday tune that proves you don’t have to be an elf to get into the spirit of giving! Noticing his pirate crew were getting grumpy because they were going to miss Christmas Day in their home port, […]

Marshmallow World on Throwback Thursday

Member Stacey Peasley contributed this delightful cover. I have always loved this song. It is on my favorite Christmas album “A Christmas Gift for You” by Phil Spector and Darlene Love’s soaring vocals always make me happy. It’s an upbeat, fun song that is not overplayed during the holiday season. Who doesn’t love to sing […]