The House on Christmas Street by Judy Pancoast on Tuneful Tuesday

This month we have an extra Tuneful Tuesday post. It is member Judy Pancoast’s addition to your Christmas Carol repertoire.

Christmas in July 14

I wrote “The House on Christmas Street” in 1998 because everywhere we’ve lived there’s been a mega-decorated Christmas house, but as far as I knew no one had ever written a song about those houses.  The song is really a tribute to those folks who go out of their way to decorate each year and make perfect strangers happy with their displays.  Fortunately for me, several years after I wrote the song it was discovered by a Christmas decorator who synchronized his lights to it and put up a video online.  There are now hundreds of videos of houses all over the world who play “The House on Christmas Street’ in their lighting displays and I’m just thrilled about it! I hope you enjoy this brand new recording of the song with a live orchestra and an arrangement by Greg Adams of Tower of Power.