Merry Christmas! (almost)

It’s the time of year for holiday parties and pumpkin-spiced everything! There are so many popular and well-known Christmas Carols, so we decided to share two originals by members. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Photo by PereslavlFoto
Photo by PereslavlFoto

First up, this delightful original by member Stacey Peasley

 Under the Tree

I’m making up my Christmas list                                                                                                            Don’t think there’s one thing I’ve missed                                                                                     I’ve been having a stellar year                                                                                               Christmas morning I’m in the clear                                                                                                     But I’m writing to you with some concern                                                                                           A few time outs my brother has earned                                                                                           You know I think he’s had his lesson learned                                                                                   So please give him another chance


Santa, don’t forget about my brother

Event though he can be naughty

He deserves some presents under the tree

And lately, I know he likes to act silly

But now the weather getting chilly

He knows you’re coming down the chimney

Yes, he wrote on mommy’s wall

And the cookies he ate them all

He flushed her earrings down the drain

And he can drive us all insane

But he’s never mean and he’s never cruel

His teachers love him when he’s at school

He always follows all the rules

So please give him another chance

Repeat chorus


I couldn’t bear to see his face on Christmas morning

And I couldn’t bear to hear him cry

So Santa won’t you please

Listen to my plea

He’s my baby brother and he’s so special to me



Next, this lovely Holiday Song by members Pam Donkin and Greta Pederson:

Holiday Time                                                                                                                                 Words & Music: Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen


It’s Holiday Time, Holiday Time,                                                                                           Hannukah and Christmas, Holiday Time                                                                                         A wonderful time, Holiday Time,                                                                                           Hannukah and Christmas, Holiday Time.

Some people light a mennorah, with candles burning bright.                                                  The first night lighting only one, and then one more each night.                                           For eight nights they gather, and presents are exchanged,                                         Celebrating miracles with songs and dreidl games.


Christmas Day is always the same day every year,                                                                        To celebrate the birthday of one who’s loved so dear.                                                                All around the Christmas tree, carols are sung.                                                                       Hearts are filled with peace and joy, and love for everyone.


Latkes and candles; gifts and Christmas trees,                                                                           Make my December memories.                                                                                           Hannukah, Christmas, whichever the one,                                                                           Holidays are filled with laughter, and (fun).


(Last time through the Refrain, you can sing it as a modified round: the second voice has a slight change of melody on the second and fourth lines.)

© 1987 Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen. All Rights Reserved.

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