Tree Polka! by Earth Mama on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s Tuneful Tuesday is from member Earth Mama. For those of you in the middle of winter, this list of wonderful trees can be a hopeful beacon, a winter wish-list!


I wrote this after working with middle school kids who could only name 4 types of trees! There are over 60 tree species listed in this song, including the whole second verse filled with pine trees. Can you smell the forest pines?

Earth Literacy, the art and science of knowing this planet we call Home, the knowing and naming by species and biome, by taste and smell, by season and climate add to the richness of our lives. Earth Literacy is also the key to a sustainable future on our Amazing Earth!


Tree Polka by Joyce Johnson Rouse

Oak, elm and poplar
Alder, magnolia and ash
Redbud and linden
Persimmon, apple, sumac
Walnut and hickory
Sweet gum and sycamore, yew
Maple, cherry, pear and myrtle
Cottonwood and spruce

(A verse of pines)
Digger and Jeffrey
Torrey and bristle cone
Lodgepole and bishop
Limber, Apache, knobcone
Sugar, Chihuahua
Whitebark and Monterey
Austrian, scotch and coulter
Western, white, foxtail

Ginkgo and hemlock
Locust and chestnut and birch
Buckeye and laurel
Olive and aspen and fir
Basswood and dogwood
Butternut, cedar and beech
Tulip, chinkopin, mimosa
Willow, palm and peach

©2002 Rouse House Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.


  1. This is fantastic – infectious and amazing!

  2. Who knew? Fun song…..

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