Ghost Riders in the Sky by Andy Z on Throwback Thursday

Member Andy Z is a releasing a new album soon, and this particular cover came up in conversation recently.

Andy Z

My new album project “Classic Songs & Traditional Tunes” has been a tremendously fulfilling experience for me, as all of my previous albums have been. This album however has been rewarding in a different way in that I’ve been able to I explore the origins of some of our most treasured American classics. “Ghost Riders In The Sky” was not a song that I originally thought to record. I actually found it in the “related videos” sidebar on YouTube,
while I was researching the classic tune “Happy Trails”, and immediately recalled that I really liked it.

I then reviewed many versions of “Ghost Riders” via YouTube, including the first recording by Vaughn Monroe in 1948. But when I heard the Burl Ives rendition of the song (recorded in 1949), it sent chills down my spine.

His version so moved me, that I extended the recording project just so I could add it to the album. It’s my feeling that Burl Ives’ hauntingly beautiful voice, as well as the overall instrumental rhythm and feel of his recording best captures the essence of Stan Jones’ lyrics. I created my rendition in the spirit of his.

To learn more about Andy and his new album, check out his website.