Merry Christmas! (almost)

It’s the time of year for holiday parties and pumpkin-spiced everything! There are so many popular and well-known Christmas Carols, so we decided to share two originals by members. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! First up, this delightful original by member Stacey Peasley  Under the Tree I’m making up my Christmas list         […]

O Tannenbaum on Throwback Thursday

Blog Editor Alina Celeste discusses the old favorite, O Tannenbaum or O Christmas Tree. The melody for this song has roots so ancient they are largely forgotten. A German folk song celebrating the steadfast and reliable beauty of the evergreen, the modern lyrics were written around 1824 by German organist, composer and teacher Ernst Anschütz. The […]

Kwanzaa is nearly here!

Kwanzaa is celebrated on Dec. 26! Here are two member originals about this wonderful holiday. First up, this song by member Greta Pederson:                                                                 […]

Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight marks the first night of the eight-day festival of Hanukkah, here are a few songs from members to help you celebrate!   Member Joanie Calem wrote this tune to teach about the Dreidel game:  Dreidel Rules words and music by Joanie Calem Nun, Gimmel, Heh and Shin are the Hebrew letters that are on […]

Happy Hanukkah! (almost)

Hanukkah is December 16th this year, just a week away! If you haven’t planned your celebration activities and songs yet, here are a few suggested by our members.   First up, this lovely Israeli tune Kad Katan. Member Joanie Calem provided the lyrics, translation, and recording. She writes: “This song celebrates and tells the story […]