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The CMN listserv is often a lively collection of discussions, debates and tips. It is also a wonderful resource for songs. A member recently asked for songs of thanks, and unsurprisingly, CMN delivered! There were so many beautiful songs suggested, it would have been too overwhelming to post them all. I am sharing a few here, but that is no slight on the others! If you’re not a member yet, sign on up and join our listserv so you can hear the rest!



First up, member Gari Stein contributed this little gem, and was kind enough to record it for the blog.

“With my young students, I give each a striker and I walk around with a triangle for them to tap throughout the song and then give them each a turn without the song. Sometimes I have to wait a bit for a child to make contact, but I do wait it out….”


We Give Thanks (source unknown) Tune: Brahms Lullaby

We give thanks. For the earth. For the day and the night.
For the stars. And the moon. And the sun that gives up light.
For the clouds. And the rain. And the fields full of grain.
For the land. And the sea. For the flowers and the trees.

Next, this lovely song of thanks from member Kathy Reid-Naiman: “Sometimes when I am filled with gratitude and joy for the gifts that I am given every day, I just want to say “thank you”.”

I Say Thanks a Lot 

Words and music by Kathy Reid-Naiman © SOCAN 2006

When I wake up in the morning and I see the light, I say thanks a lot.

When I’m in my bed at night and the stars are shining bright, I say thanks a lot.

Chorus: Thank you, thank you, I say thanks a lot.

Thank you, thank you, I say thanks a lot.

For the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, I say thanks a lot.

For the lakes and the rivers and the deep blue seas, I say thanks a lot.

For the colours of the leaves on a bright fall day, I say thanks a lot.

For the snow in winter and the flowers in May, I say thanks a lot.

Bridge: There’s so much to be thankful for

I hardly know how to begin

But I’ll start right here and I’ll say it clear

I say thanks a lot.

For the food that we eat and a place to rest, I say thanks a lot.

For my friends and family that I love the best, I say thanks a lot

Member Vincent Nunes gives thanks everywhere he goes:

I Give Thanks

©Paul Vincent Nunes 2007

I make friends everywhere I go

I make friends everywhere I go

You’re my friend and

We’ll be friends until the end

I make friends everywhere I go

I give thanks everywhere I go

I give thanks everywhere I go

Thank you for this brand new day

We can sing and we can play

I give thanks everywhere I go

I feel love everywhere I go

I feel love everywhere I go

Everyone has got a heart

filled with love right from the start

I feel love everywhere I go

And we close with Patricia Shih’s lovely Rain and Sun. Patricia writes: I wanted to write a little gratitude song and how to look at things that may seem negative but which, if you look for the positive in there, can teach us something.  A sort of aural yin-yang, if you will; and how we need the negative things to help us appreciate the positive.  And then I wanted to tie up the song in a little “bow”, the rainbow, which stands for our loved ones who help us bridge or “weather” the good and bad.

Rain and Sun

Thank you for the sunshine, yes thank you too for rain

One without the other would be too much of the same

The sun helps me grow healthy and brightens up my day

And the cold grey rain makes things grow too in its own way

So thank you for my family and friends, every one

They are all the rainbows bridging rain and sun


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at CMN!


  1. I could hear Kathy and Vincent’s songs, and I love both of them! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Gari’s or Patricia’s to play. Liz

    1. Hi Liz, I just checked the links and they are all working for me? Maybe give it another shot? Let me know how it goes.

  2. THANKS for sharing these great songs! Here’s my thematically appropriate contribution, which is the last track on my “Hello! Hello! Hello!” CD at

    (c) 1998 David C. Perry

    (An echo song – with chorus after each verse)

    Thank you for my Mom,
    Thank you for my Dad.
    Thanks for how they hug me
    When I’m feeling sad.
    Thanks for how they love me,
    Even when I’m bad.
    Thanks for all the hugs and kisses
    I have ever had!

    Graçias, merci beaucoup –
    I feel thankful, yes I do.
    I feel great – and grateful, too –
    So I just want to say, “Thank you!”

    Thank you for the soil,
    Thank you for the seeds.
    Thanks for rain and sunshine,
    That each seed needs.
    All the fruits and veggies,
    So many different breeds.
    Thanks a lot for gardens,
    But you can keep the weeds!

    Thank you for my town,
    Thank you for my state.
    Thank you for my country –
    Living here is great!
    Stars and stripes forever,
    The U S of A.
    Fireworks and freedom –
    Hip, hip, horray!

    Thank you for the earth,
    Thank you for the sky.
    Rivers, lakes and oceans,
    Without ’em, we’d be dry.
    All the different critters,
    That crawl and swim and fly.
    Thanks for turkey dinners
    And yummy pumpkin pie!

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