Quiet by Malvina Reynolds on Throwback Thursday

Today’s post comes to us from member (and soon to be President) Liz Benjamin.


I have been a Malvina Reynolds fan from WAY back.  I actually had the joy of hearing her sing in person in Houston in the ’70’s.  Some of her songs are great for children, like The Magic Penny, Morningtown Ride, The Pets, and You Can’t Make a Turtle Come Out.  Many are for “the Middle-Young”, as she says on the cover of There’s Music in the Air, her songbook published in 1976.  One of my favorites of these is “Quiet,” perhaps because I can be a very quiet person sometimes.  I need that quiet to strengthen me before I can, as they say, get up and do what  needs to be done.  I love this recording of Malvina singing “Quiet” in her wonderful, mature voice, and I love the picture on the album cover of her amazing face.

Some quotes from “Quiet”: “When I have nothing to say, I’m quiet.”  “I hardly every regret having been quiet.”  “Someday I’ll rest in the middle of quiet.”