Sammy the Snail by Mama Mac on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s terrific tune comes from member Mama Mac.

Mama Mac

As a music specialist working with young children I am always trying to find fun ways to interact — one of the “tricks” I do is to hide my orange fuzzy “Magic Worm” or for my purpose “Sammy the Snail” inside the mouth of my guitar and holding onto the “invisible” string have him pop in and out.  Of course I pretend that I didn’t know Sammy was hiding there and then there’s a whole game of coaxing him out until the kids have to help convince “Sammy” to come out of the guitar.  This game inspired the song – I wanted to create a story for Sammy and thought it would be interesting for him to find a way to overcome his physical limitations of being slow – why not hitch a ride on a tractor trailer and travel cross country?!  I realized that his journey could also be a short geography lesson for readers as they follow along.  Now if I read the book to children I explain that it was inspired by the “real” Sammy the snail (my fuzzy “Magic Worm”!)

Sammy’s inspiring story is now available in book form from Amazon and on Mama Mac’s website.

To learn more about the Award Winning Mama Mac, check out her website, here.