More Halloween Songs!

Two more halloween songs from member Liz Buchanan and your trusty Blog Editor, Alina Celeste! Also, member Judy Pancoast shared a Halloween Songs Playlist with us on the list-serv and it’s a spooky good time!

This is my version of One Little Owl, with verses compliments of my students.


Halloween Rhymes By Liz Buchanan

Chorus: Halloween rhymes, Halloween rhymes!

Are you ready for a really spooky time?

Sing these words for Halloween

And don’t forget to howl in between. Aooo!

There’s a ghostly sheet saying “trick or treat,

And a vampire lighting a fire.

A greenish ghoul was in my school

Flashing lights in the middle of the night!  Aooo!


There’s a mean old witch, scratching an itch.

And a bumpkin carving a pumpkin.

A scary ghost eating some toast.

And a spider drinking apple cider.  Aooo!


There’s a big black cat wearing a hat

And a goon beneath the full moon

And I think I saw a goblin, wibblin’ and wobblin’

But who’s that creature eating my teacher? Aooo!


Member Judy Pancoast hosted a radio show just for kids a few years back and on her Halloween show she used a lot of great songs from CMN members.  She says it was the best show she ever put together! Below is a short playlist from the YouTube page, featuring some of the songs, and click here to hear a song by Judy!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at CMN!












  1. My daughter and I have just made a new spooky song for children too called Monsta Skool (apologies for the monstrous spelling too : )
    Have a look and listen!

    kind regards
    Jim Cullinane

  2. Loved this post! Alina – your song was dramatic, spooky and darling!

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