Partner Spotlight: Songs for Teaching

The Children’s Music Network is honored and grateful for the support of our wonderful Business Sponsors and Non-Profit Partners. This series is meant to shed a little more light on what they do.


1. What is your mission?

Songs for Teaching mission is simple: to use music to promote learning.

2. How do you apply it practically?

We believe deeply in the power of music to educate. It is our hope that music will be used creatively in every classroom. Our site is designed for educators and parents to search by educational topic. We offer thousands of educational songs, lyrics, sheet music, and teaching materials.

Recently we have published two Apps available on Google Play and the iOS App Store to make educational music even more accessible to teachers, caregivers and parents.  For more info about our apps, click here.

Dave and I are also owners of MMMKids (Music Movement & Magination, Inc.) where we produce educational music with curriculum materials paired to K-2 learning standards. When we began selling our music on Songs for Teaching a number of years ago, we did not realize that one day we would own and operate that web site!

3. Why did you choose to partner with CMN?

Many of the artist we are honored to represent on Songs for Teacher are members of CMN. We felt the values of CMN were a good fit for us especially since we embody so many roles as song writers, educators, performers, producers and distributors of children’s music.

4. What song from your own childhood do you still sing regularly?

Dave– Bare (or is it Bear?) Necessities from Jungle Book

Alice– John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

5. What is your official dance move?

The Running Man! (we are always running. . .)


To learn more about Songs for Teaching, click here.


  1. I love Songs for Teaching! These folks have been great about selling and promoting my music, and it’s also a terrific resource for the work I do in the classroom. I’m so glad Songs for Teaching is part of CMN! Keep up the good work, Alice & David!

  2. Keep up the good work. We all love what you guys are doing and, we appreciate your support. Much more success to you!!!

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