Jack-O-Lanterns, Ghosts and Goblins, oh my!

The CMN member list-serv has been abuzz with Autumn and Halloween-themed music. Below are a few to share with your classrooms, audiences, children and friends.


Member Brigid Finucane had this song by Mike Eppley to share:

One a-pumpkin,  two a-pumpkin, three a-pumpkin, four.                                                           Five a-pumpkin, six a pumpkin, seven a-pumpkin more.                                              

Counting all my pumpkins as I stack them up so high.                                                          Smash them all together and you make a pumpkin pie.                                     

Yum yum yum yum yum!

Brigid says:

I start first with alternating fists, then go on from there, depending on the age group. I primarily teach Pre-K and K, and this is a challenge for that age group – at first. It’s great fun to do with partners, sing in silly voices, or even audiate. For Pre-K, I also have little pumpkins that can be stacked on top of each other, one by one -and at the end, the pumpkin tower is knocked down.


A new twist to ‘One Potato.’  One fist is placed on top of the other each time a number is chanted or sung.  If played with a partner, each player puts in an alternating fist one at a time.  After partners are mastered, groups of four  (4) or eight (8) can sing and play together. At “smash them all together” open arms wide and alligator-snap them together. 

Member Susan Salidor shared an original:

Are you scared of ghosts? NO SUCH THING!
Are you scared of zombies? NO SUCH THING!
Are you scared of monsters? NO SUCH THING!
None of these things is real.

After one verse, I let the children fill in what is scary. We all sing NO SUCH THING
together, as loud and strong as we can. I have found that naming the scary things
and then sort of chasing them away with our voices has really helped young ones
negotiate Halloween and all the scary decorations(scarier every year, if you ask me)
that are popping EVERYWHERE this time of year. When we get to “skeletons,” by the way, we have a lively conversation about how skeletons are real but ALIVE, SPOOKY skeletons are not.

To hear Susan sing it, click here: No Such Thing!

Last, member Alyson Bleistine of Growing Sound contributed Scratch, Scratch the Pumpkin Patch by David Kisor.  She also provided a lesson plan to go with it, to check it out, click here.



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