Down By the Bay on Throwback Thursdays

Member Patricia Shih uses this Raffi classic in performances with a little twist. Her explanation is below.

The twist is I make the word to be rhymed fit the theme of the show. I also change the words to the song slightly to reflect the theme better, i.e. for the science theme it’s “Down in the lab/ Where the microbes grow/ Back to my home/ I dare not go…” and the rest is the same as the original.  This way it suits the theme even better.   For example, this summer the library reading club theme is science, so I ask the kids to give me a word that has to do with science (example: “molecule”) and I have to come up with a word in a sentence that rhymes with their word (“when I see a molecule I always ridicule…”).  It’s a challenge game, and if I make a good rhyme the parents — the judges — give me a big round of applause and I win.  But if I make a bad rhyme — and sometimes it’s on purpose, sometimes I just can’t come up with one in the 25 seconds it takes for them to sing the verse — then the parents give me a big “thumbs down” and a “P.U!” and the kid wins a prize.  It’s great fun, a real challenge that keeps me on my toes, and the audience LOVES this twist.