Happy Rosh Hashanah!

The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah begins this evening at sun down. We at CMN would like to wish Shanah Tovah to our Jewish friends and members.

Photo by Gilabrand

Apples and honey are a traditional Rosh HaShanah food, and are symbols of wishes for sweet things for the new year. Member Joanie Calem has a lovely version on her CD, Shanah Tovah, Shana M’tukah. She includes an activity in the accompanying booklet as well.

Tapuchim U’Dvash

Give the children red and yellow scarves, and have the red scarves move on the words Apples and Tapuchim, and the yellow scarves move on the words Honey and Dvash. Toss all of the scarves in the air gently on the chorus:

Shanah Tovah, Shanah M’tukah…
Tapuchim u’dvash l’Rosh HaShanah (2x)
Shanah tovah, Shanah M’tukah (2x)
Tapuchim u’dvash l’Rosh HaShanah (2x)
Apples and Honey, for a sweet new year (2x)
A good new year, a sweet new year (2x)
Apples and Honey, for a sweet new year (2x)