Partner Spotlight: Hunk Ta Bunk Ta

The Children’s Music Network is honored and grateful for the support of our wonderful Business Sponsors and Non-Profit Partners. This series is meant to shed a little more light on what they do.

1. What is your mission?

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta® Music is committed to creating and producing entertaining educational songs and movement oriented musical activities of the highest quality, for children, growing families, educators and early childcare providers.

2. How do you apply it practically?

By doing the work I do: writing and recording songs, making them available, and performing them in as many venues and for as many audiences as I can reach.

3. Why did you choose to partner with CMN?

I have been a member of CMN practically since its inception and on (and off) the board for about 10 years– total. Its core values resonate with my own:  building a better world for children through music— and the information its members share with each other is invaluable to me as a professional. The like-hearted people I have met through CMN are a trusted network of peers, collaborators, mentors, “mentees” and… friends.

4. What song from your own childhood do you still sing regularly?

“I Went to the Animal Fair”; “Three Nice Mice” (my own adaptations of “Three Blind Mice” and “Row Row Row Your Boat”)

5. What is your official dance move?

I create movement to practically every song I write and do with children.  A favorite is a squiggly sort of snake-like move with both arms. First the left arm goes up and down and up and down then the right arm up and down and up and down then the two hands connect in the middle at waist level and shake backwards.  Those moves are repeated but the shake is then replaced by opening arms wide and making a big straight-armed clap.  You have to see/hear it, but the movements connect to the lyrics in my song “Goodness Gracious Snakes Alive.”

To learn more about Hunk Ta Bunk Ta, click here.