The 2014 Magic Penny Award Recipient is Ruth Pelham!

Written by member Jenny Heitler-Klevans.

Ruth Pelham

We are thrilled to be giving this year’s Magic Penny Award to Ruth Pelham. The Magic Penny Award is CMN’s lifetime achievement award, bestowed upon people who have dedicated their lives to empowering children through music.

Ruth Pelham is a singer, songwriter, educator, and activist who brings her unique vision of world peace and social change to children and adults around the globe. Ruth’s music touches the heart and reflects the full integrity of the human spirit through her powerful anthems like “Turning of the World” and zipper songs like “Under One Sky.”

She grew up in Brooklyn, NY, enchanted by street games, ethnic music, hootenannies and folk music by such artists as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds and Paul Robeson. During college she became a songwriter, raising her voice against injustice and sowing the seeds for the development of her pioneering work as a cultural worker and community builder.

In 1977, Ruth proposed the idea of the Music Mobile, a colorful van that would travel to parks, playgrounds, and public housing sites to engage children in interactive programs that foster cooperation, self-esteem, neighborhood pride, and appreciation of diversity. The City of Albany embraced her idea, and the year-round Music Mobile continues to this day with Ruth as the Executive Director. Music Mobile activities include group singing, songwriting, instrument building and cooperative games, as well as anti-violence initiatives such as “Planting Flowers…Planting Hope” and “Room For Us All.” Music Mobile and Ruth also create and distribute educational recordings, calendars, and games.

In addition to her work with the Music Mobile, Ruth has participated in “peace-making through music” cultural exchanges with children in the Soviet Union and Sri Lanka. She was also a music and educational consultant for the Havasupai Tribe in the Grand Canyon, aiding their efforts to stop a uranium mine by writing songs with K – 8 students, then creating a recording to help raise funds and public awareness.

Ruth’s songs have been influential in both children’s and folk music, and in movements for social change and justice. Her songs have been recorded and performed by many artists including Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert and Holly Near. Songs like “Under One Sky,” “I Cried,” “Look to the People,” and “The Activity Room” stand as a testimony to her unique artistry as a songwriter.

As a founding member of the Children’s Music Network and a board member for many years, Ruth has given her talents generously to building our organization. We look forward to celebrating her achievements at this year’s Magic Penny Award Presentation at the CMN National Conference in Leesburg, VA Sept. 19-21, 2014.


  1. The Music Mobile! How wonderful! And working from the Soviet Union to the Havasupai tribe here is just an amazing testimony of a dedicated life and how far and wide music can go to heal and build community. Thank you, Ruth, for following your heart’s call and for showing the way!

  2. Congratulations Ruth! I am sorry to miss this great event, but want to wish you all the best. You have achieved so much and touched so many children’s and parent’s lives with your music and songs and programs, not to mention the international reach you have had with people from other cultures. My thoughts are with you and the whole network this weekend.
    Enjoy every minute of the conference and your award ceremony. You certainly deserve it!
    love and peace,
    Terri Roben

  3. Incredible ceremony for an incredible woman. There aren’t enough words to describe our Ruth Pelham!

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