Partner Spotlight: Music with Mar.

The Children’s Music Network is honored and grateful for the support of our wonderful Business Sponsors and Non-Profit Partners. This series is meant to shed a little more light on what they do.


1. What is your mission?

Music with Mar. is a company dedicated to bringing quality, brain based music to children, families and teachers. The philosophy is to use music to teach, getting children ready for skills they need for a successful, happy life.

2. How do you apply it practically?

Through community classes, by training others how to teach the program and conducting workshops

3. Why did you choose to partner with CMN?

Because it would be an opportunity to make a donation to CMN while also getting exposure for Music with Mar. as another choice when wanting to become licensed to teach a music program

4. What song from your own childhood do you still sing regularly?

I still sing everything from my childhood regularly!

5. What is your official dance move?

I have no official move.  Although, I am known for my dance that I do whenever I hear ZZ Top’s “La Grange”

To learn more about Music with Mar, click here.