Partner Spotlight: Silly Goose and Val

The Children’s Music Network is honored and grateful for the support of our wonderful Business Sponsors and Non-Profit Partners. This series is meant to shed a little more light on what they do.

Silly Goose and Val
Silly Goose and Val

1. What is your mission?

Our mission is simply put: to create moments of joy wherever we can.

2. How do you apply it practically?

Instead of practicing law (my first profession) which did not create many moments of joy for me or anyone else, I compose, arrange, and perform music that is pleasing to children and adults, and sung by myself and a variety of characters. We are careful not to use the “P..pp..t” word in front of Silly Goose, Cyleena the Sloth, Willie the Worm, or others. They think they are real and who am I to disabuse them of that notion?

3. Why did you choose to partner with CMN?

I wanted to join CMN and thought: ” What better way to support this open, sharing, and resourceful group than with a partnership?”

4. What song from your own childhood do you still sing regularly?

I just started singing Buffalo Gals because I remembered it was my Mom’s favorite song. In our house, after Sunday night dinner, out came the instruments, and Mom always sand this verse: Gonna dance with the dolly with a hole in her stockin’/ and her knees keep a-knockin’/ and her toes keep a rockin’/ Gonna dance with the dolly with a hole in her stockin’/ Dance by the light of the moon.

5. What is your official dance move?

It as to be The Slip which is basically a backward hula, followed by  placing your hands on your hips and letting your backbone slip. 

To learn more about Silly Goose and Val, check out their website here.