Partner Spotlight: Rainbow Songs

RS logoRainbow Songs, based in Toronto, offers classes that focus on a holistic approach to music, movement and language. Director Mike Whitla recently responded to questions from the CMN Blog.

What is your mission?

To bring music into people’s daily lives in a meaningful way. One of the by-products of this mission is joy and sense of community that is felt by our participants.

How do you apply it practically? 

The is done by providing the funnest, most inclusive high quality classes where children and their caregivers get to explore music together. We combine classic songs with new original tunes and encourage everyone to sing and participate.

Why did you choose to partner with CMN? 

CMN believes in a lot of the same values as Rainbow Songs, such as the fact that music enriches the lives of everyone, that all people are capable of making music and that community music making builds positive communities.

What song from your own childhood do you still sing regularly?

A bluegrass song that Pete Seeger used to sing called “Little Birdie”.

What is your official dance move?

The Hokey Funky

A funky hokey-pokey?

The Hokey Funky is something very special but I’m afraid that you will have to wait until Halloween to find out what it is. Top secret. I can tell you that it is very funky.

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