Wiggle In My Toes By Alina Celeste on Tuneful Tuesday

Alina Celeste live in Santa Monica, CA. Photo by Rachael Waring
Alina Celeste live in Santa Monica, CA. Photo by Rachael Waring

As often happens, this song began at a gig when I’d gone through a set a bit faster than expected and had to kill a little time. I left that show with the melody stuck in my head and eventually wrote it all out and recorded it for my EP Sana Sana. It’s been a big hit in my classrooms and at shows ever since.

When I perform it live, I tend to skip the chorus, I find that after the specificity of the verses (I got a wiggle in my….) people often stand around looking confused when I break into the more general: “dancing, everybody’s dancing.” I imagine that would be less of a problem with a full band behind me though! I look forward to trying it one day.

For now, it’s a really useful song to use about mid-way through, or right at the beginning of a class to quite literally get the wiggles out. I always end it with a big gasp and a point to the back of the room. It gets everybody’s attention and causes a very useful moment of silence, which I use to say “I think it went that way, stay quiet…we don’t want it to come back!” Works every time, and makes it easy to launch into a gentle lullaby next, begin a class, or make a peaceful exit.

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