Ellis Paul Talks Family Music – Part 2

After considerable success over two decades in the adult folk music world, Ellis Paul has ventured into children’s music, creating two award-winning children’s albums. His latest, The Hero in You – about heroes in American history – was released in 2012 and will be released as a book-CD set in September. He’s considering making it […]

The World Keeps Spinning Around by Stuart Stotts

If you can believe it, we’re already halfway through the year!  My summer is flying by, and this song by member Stuart Stotts came to mind.  Kindergarten graduation. The class of 2026 heading into first grade. Time passing. Spring into summer. College graduations of nieces and nephews. Schools ending. Moving to new countries. Marriages. Children. […]

KindieComm 2014!

KindieComm, a new festival, was held two weeks ago in Philadelphia, and many CMN members joined in the fun. To learn about their experiences and those of others who attended, read on! Member Jason Didner, wrote two blog entries on the festival, below is an excerpt from the second part, with his take on several […]