Bling Blang by Woody Guthrie on Throwback Thursdays

Member Brigid Finucane shares a favorite of hers for use in the Pre- K and Kindergarten classroom. This song is doubly useful because there is a lovely, illustrated children’s book to go with it!

After showing the book and singing through it, we listen to Woody (or Arlo, I like his version better, for kiddos).

The first day, we sing to the book, on another day we dance to the recording.  The kids always sing along on the chorus enthusiastically.

I also have a more choreographed activity for further use:

Verses: kiddos walk side by side, hand in hand,  with partners around circle.

Chorus – partners face each other.

Bling Blang, hammer with my hammer (children pound their own fists).

Blingo Blango….. (take partners hands, and see-saw their arms).

From Woody’s Grow Big Songs

To check out this album on Amazon, click here.

From Woody and Arlo Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land

To check out this album on Amazon, click here.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions of using the book and making the song a partner dance– so cute! Member Karen Banks-Lubicz does this song with rhythm sticks, tapping and then ‘sawing’ them on the chorus, which I have adopted. Such a happy song. Are the additional lyrics Arlo’s?

  2. Thanks so much. I didn’t know there was a book using the song. I look forward to using it.

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