You Can’t Make a Turtle Come Out on Throwback Thursdays

Member Tina Stone recommends this delightful classic by Malvina Reynolds.

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Photo by Goodvac
One of my fave old songs is Malvina Reynolds’ “You Can’t Make a Turtle Come Out”.

Bring a puppet to demonstrate how, “a poke makes a turtle retreat at both ends” Have the children ‘Call him’, ‘coax him’, ‘shake him’,’ or ‘SHOUT’.  Then we sit and ‘quietly wait’…………….……..until he comes out.

Also, because everyone wants to hug the turtle, I begin the following chant as I tap my knees ;

Take the turtle, hug the turtle, pass it to a friend (x4)

We share, we share, we share because we care(x2)

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  1. Love this! Thanks, Tina. xo

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