Mother Goose Medley by Amy Conley on Tuneful Tuesday

This fun and versatile song comes to us from member Amy Conley. A teacher and folk musician, Amy wrote this song to bring Mother Goose to the next generation of kids.

Amy Conley

Amy Conley


Mother Goose Medley Lyrics

Chorus:  Mother Goose may I sing you a song?  Sit right down ‘cause it won’t take long.  Tell me a story of long, long ago, and I’ll play you a tune on my fiddle and bow.

Verse:  add a mother goose rhyme, most of them fit, some don’t and just become silly as you try and make them fit.   Children can offer rhymes, but it certainly helps to read them poems from a Mother Goose collection, because many children have never heard Mother Goose rhymes read to them.    These old rhymes are great for developing rhythm in young children, along with any rhythmic poems and chants.

Rhythm instruments:  rhythm sticks are fun with this song, when you sing the chorus you can play your sticks like a fiddle and bow.  During the verses you can have the sticks “act” out the rhyme any way you like, or just tap rhythmically on the micro or macro-beat.

Verses that work;   Old King Cole,  Little Bo Peep, Old Mother Hubbard, Jack and Jill, Hey Diddle Diddle.