Easter Songs for Spring!

The Easter Holiday is almost here, below are a few songs that would be a fun addition to any repertoire.


One traditional rabbit song that can easily be adapted for Easter activities is John the Rabbit. Member Susan Salidor taught me a wonderful version where you use a small parachute and a toy bunny. The kids can help the bunny hop on the “yes Mams” by bouncing it with the parachute. It never gets old, and the delighted giggles have made it one of my favorite classroom activities.

John the Rabbit by Alina Celeste.


Member Liz Buchanan sent me this wonderful video. It is her version of  “Rockin’ in the Rabbit Hole,” by Bob Messano.  She first learned it song from Marie Hopper, at a CMN conference in CA in 2006.  She went back to the classroom right away and tried it out, and it has been a huge favorite with kids ever since! The kids love dancing around like bunnies and then getting down and being very still on the floor when the farmer comes. Liz added the second and third verses about a cow and some kids.


This adorable finger-play comes from Mrs. Ayers Kinderthemes.

Five Little Easter Eggs

Five little Easter eggs — I wish there were more!
Mother ate the green one; then, there were four.

Four little Easter eggs, pretty as can be,
Daddy ate the blue one; then, there were three.

Three little Easter eggs … I haven’t got a clue
WHO ate the purple one, but that left only two.

Two little Easter eggs — we’re almost done!
Sister ate the pink one, and that left one.

One little Easter egg — I’d better run!
I ate that one and now there are none.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Two fabulous ideas from two fabulous members! No matter how long you’ve been in the biz, CMN folks never stop creating new ways to keep our work fresh and interesting!!

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