“Family Is…” (A Circle of People Who Love You) by Katherine Dines on Tuneful Tuesday

Member Katherine Dines shares this month’s lovely song. She co-wrote it with Lisa Silver, who sings this version of it. It was also sung by Kathy Lee Gifford.



When I lived in Nashville, many of my single (and coupled) friends were adopting children. Lisa Silver (fabulously talented songwriter and fiddle player) and I often co-wrote and in one of our sessions were talking about families and what defines them.  She was in the process of adopting a child from Bolivia– Olivia who is now a beautiful 25+ something–an amazing woman.

To use this song in a classroom, I might set it up as a “show and tell’– where students get to explain their families. The teacher could create a giant tree (lots of branches) and have each student bring in as many pics of family members or people they consider family members they wanted. I’d make ornaments from the photos and hang them on the tree– (each student gets a limb); family and friends could be invited, and then older students could choreograph a dance around the tree.

To use this song for community and sharing in your own classroom, the lyrics are below:

North South East West

Up down and all around

Here there near far

Whether close or miles apart

FAMILY IS a circle who love you

FAMILY IS a circle of people you love

Laugh cry joy tears

Night day through the years

Caring sharing one and all

Summer winter spring and fall

FAMILY IS a circle who love you

FAMILY IS a circle of people you love

Old young woman man

Heart to heart

And hand in hand

Every boy and girl

Every one around the world

FAMILY IS a circle who love you

FAMILY IS a circle of people you love

©1998 by Lisa Silver and Katherine Dines

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  1. Hi Katherine! Joyce Rouse forwarded me the link to your blog. Thanks so much for writing about our song. I love your ideas for how to use the song in a classroom. I’ve been teaching music in a preschool, and I must tell you that your song “Itchy Itchy Owie Owie Boo Boo” is a huge hit with the preschool kids! They request it every week.

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