Easter Songs for Spring!

The Easter Holiday is almost here, below are a few songs that would be a fun addition to any repertoire. One traditional rabbit song that can easily be adapted for Easter activities is John the Rabbit. Member Susan Salidor taught me a wonderful version where you use a small parachute and a toy bunny. The […]

Happy Passover! (almost)

Passover begins this coming Monday, April 14th. If you are planning to teach about the Jewish Holiday,  or are looking for new ways to celebrate; our members have suggested a few delightful songs to help you do just that. Member Brigid Finucane has found this song to be very popular. She says: “For my 2’s […]

Interview with Helen Austin Part Two

Below is part two of my interview with Juno award winning songwriter Helen Austin. We get down to details about the daily life of a songwriter. Do you consciously try to write every day? I consciously try to do something towards my music career everyday. So this morning I was dealing with Twitter stuff and answering people […]

Interview with Helen Austin Part One

Vancouver Island, BC is not a place most people think of when they think of the Music Industry. But it is home to Helen Austin; her career success is a perfect example of where music as an industry seems to be headed: independent musicians recording in home studios and managing most aspects of their careers. An eclectic […]

Fun Activities for Pre-Reading!

This piece is a re-post from the Susie Tallman and Friends Blog, it’s by member Dianne Hibbs of Rock Me Baby Records. Elementary school aged children delight in their discovery of the joys of reading. It’s so exciting to watch the light growing inside them as they “break the code” and read on their own.  […]