Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Almost)

photo by D Sharon Pruitt
photo by D Sharon Pruitt

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and the CMN members have banded together to bring a hearty collection of Irish and Irish-American Classics for your enjoyment.

First up, member Kathleen Rushing sings MaryLee Sunseri’s Potatoes Are Under The Ground

This sweet song is from  member Judy Pancoast

These links lead to lyrics in some cases, videos and histories in others; all have been recommend by CMN members, have fun exploring!

Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder

Sally Go Round the Moon

Rattlin Bog

Michael Finnegan

Rig a Jig Jig

McNamara’s Band

Skinny Malink

The Orange and the Green

Molly Malone

For an internet resource of Irish music, click here.

Lastly, this delightful song is by member Peter Apel.

From Peter:

“I had a ton of fun doing it with a preschool yesterday.  I bought 5 big green hats from the dollar store. I took 5 kids as volunteer leprechauns, and one kid to volunteer as my “spouse” (Before explaining, it’s always fun to ask them, “How many of you have a spouse at home?”). Then I went hunting for the five leprechauns.  I caught them, brought them to my spouse to watch over them. We then started singing the song together.. The leprechauns are allowed to do a funny dance if they want..  When it comes time for the first leprechaun to disappear, I hold their hat by the top.  Everyone says, “Poof!” and the kid drops out the bottom and sneaks back to their seat.  The rest of us go, “OH no! He disappeared! Where did he go?” Then we start the song again with 4 leprechauns.”

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!

(special thanks to the many list-serv readers who recommended so many of these great songs)