I love to ride on a train! On Tuneful Tuesday

This month’s song comes to us from members David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans. Their award winning duo Two Of a Kind presents shows for children and families around the country.

Jenny in Class.
Jenny in Class.



I Love to Ride on a Train


I love to ride on a train – choo choo C —

I love to ride on a train – choo choo C     G

Come on aboard and ride with me C     F

We’ll see what we can see C G C

Verse 1: (slowly)

We’re going up a hill I hope we don’t stop F     C

Climb, climb, climb until we reach the top G    C

The going is slow, but if we all help out C    F

We’ll reach our goal and give a shout! C FGC


Verse 2: (fast)

Now it’s down the hill, stay on track

We’re going super fast & we won’t look back

The wind is blowing, we’re almost down

Just one more turn and we’ll roll into town


Verse 3:

Riding through fields, riding through woods

We’re on the little “Train that Could”

Riding through the country, riding through town

Riding through a tunnel, round & round


by Jennifer Heitler-Klevans


Note for classroom use:  I usually have them make a train and we go around the class. They go slowly during the uphill verse and speed up during the downhill verse often ending up in a train wreck. Then we have to put the train back to together and go at normal speed for the third verse, and of course they love the choo choo part. Lots of fun!