Love Songs for Everyone!

Valentine's Day Tree by Johntex
Valentine’s Day Tree by Johntex

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Below is a list of favorite love songs submitted by members and compiled by yours truly.  

Member Gari Stein gave the Brownie song, “I’ve Got Something in My Pocket,” new life with these sweet lyrics:

If you L O V E love me.

I will L O V E love you too.

So let’s L O V E love each other. Happy Valentines day to YOU!

Member Sammie Haynes wrote a 35-second Valentine for those in a hurry:

I am your Valentine I use my arms to hug you

I am your Valentine I use my lips to kiss you

I am your Valentine I use my voice to tell you

I am your Valentine I use my heart to love you.

One of the most mentioned and recommended songs was Planting Seeds of Love by member Pam Donkin.

Try these songs as well:

 Pete Seeger’s Precious Friend

Carol King’s You’ve Got a Friend 

Member Patricia Shih has a song called “Family” on her “Your ImaginEngine!” CD about love for family in all the different definitions, from small to global.

Have a favorite you don’t see here? Keep the list going in the comments! May your day be filled with love and song.


  1. I have a plush heart-shaped pillow, and we play a version of Duck Duck Goose where the child who is “It” walks around the outside of the circle saying “Valentine, Valentine, PORCUPINE!” then drops the pillow in another child’s lap. That child then gives chase, and the game continues until all have had a turn.

    1. This sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Magic Penny and Carol Johnson’s Love Grows One by One are staples in my repertoire, especially around Valentine’s Day.

    1. I spread the magic pennies to my kindergarten students this morning. Thanks to Malvina Reynolds for this timeless song.

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