Spring Time Dance on Tuneful Tuesday

This lovely dance comes to us from member Valerie Smalkin of Silly Goose and Val. As we are still in the midst of winter, it is our attempt at a little ray of Spring-shiny hope!

Val and some lucky kids!
Val and some lucky kids!

“I wanted a fast patter song for Spring, and this came with a bit of work. It’s my current favorite so I’m sad it’s not Spring anymore. I’m working on other seasonal songs, but I think this will always be my favorite. An illustrator is working on making this into a book and I cannot wait until May when the illustrations are due! The pianist is Buddy Larkin, the drummer is Chris Savage. I did the vocals and bass. It was such fun!

For performances, I made face cut-outs for the children that you can see in the picture. I had to do that so that I could get the words in the right order, but, as it turns out, the children always switch places, so I’m frequently confused…which is part of my onstage persona. People think it’s an act…it isn’t.”

Springtime Dance

by Valerie Leonhart Smalkin

Spring is comin’ and the bees are hummin’

And the birds are singin’ in their trees.

Frogs are peepin’ waking up from sleepin’

Polliwogs are growing feet and knees!


Worms are squirmin’ as the earth they’re churnin’

Turnin’ up the soil for the plants.

Birds are nestin’, not a one is restin’,

Getting ready for the Springtime Dance.


Springtime Dance, put a spring in your step.

Step the right, step to the left.

Springtime Dance like a bird on the wing,

Shake, a-shake, a-shake your tail featherings,

Shake, a-shake, a-shake your tail featherings,

Shake, a-shake, a-shake your tail featherings.


Daffo-down dillies looking down-right silly

Wearing yellow hats in the bright sunshine.

Groundhog’s creepin’, in my garden sneekin’

Eatin’ every single flower of mine.


Pitter patter pitter raindrops splatter,

Down on the flowers, and squirrels and all.

Robin Redbreast is so well dressed

Listenin’ for worms at the Springtime Ball.